Anyone who has accused Kim Kardashian of not being a hands-on mother will be very disappointed by this video. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mrs. West took Kimmel on in a baby changing contest, and looked every bit the part of cool, composed mother as she handily defeated the host.

You can count us as shocked. Kim never really struck us as the type to be a baby changing expert, but apparently we were quite wrong. If we’re wrong about this, what else might we be missing with Kim? Is she actually a potential Rhodes Scholar? Could she resolve the crises in the Middle East and Russia, or stop the ebola virus’ invasion of the U.S.?

Kim also revealed that the day of the wedding, her super-hung over sister Khloe had to get her makeup done while she was laying passed out on the floor. I mean, we’ve all been there, right? The key difference, we suppose, would be that we don’t have someone whose sole job is to do our makeup whether we’re conscious or not.

[via Jimmy Kimmel Live]