Twelve years ago, we launched a new kind of magazine: rappers and skateboarders next to movie stars and athletes. Everything you needed to know about what to listen to, watch, and do next to everything you wanted to wear, all the tech you needed to have, and all the sneakers, like, ever. (Seriously, all the sneakers.) And oh yeah, two covers.

Along the way we launched a website as well, one that quite a few million of you visit every month. A few weeks ago we introduced a redesign to the website, but just because we're what commentators call "New Media" doesn't mean we don't have a thing for print as well. So, as we were re-tooling, we also took Complex Magazine back to the lab for a little work.

The resulting product, on stands this week, is what we feel a print product should represent today. It's bigger, with an emphasis on artful photography and design, because while the Internet can answer a lot of your problems, you can't hang it on your wall. It's got pages devoted to our owned and operated sites (Four Pins, Pigeons and Planes, Sneaker Report, First We Feast, Do Androids Dance, and Triangle Offense), because while we know a lot, we don't know everything. And, it's got the same emphasis on finding the most dynamic people, places, and things, and bringing them directly to you—Making Culture Pop.

So, get out the house for a minute, hit your local newsstand/bookstore/purveyor of outdated technology and check us out. Print might be dead—just not here.