The rain from Friday night that made slick the ground protesters rallied on carried over into Saturday morning. By midday it had tapered off and the climate changed to a muggy overcast. From the parking lot serving Sam’s Meat Market, you could clearly see the demonstrators with signs peacefully picketing along W. Florissant Road. It was there we met Cassandra McKissack, a St. Louis native and host of a local radio show called “All About Entrepreneurs.”

“Let me ask you a question,” she said. “What do you guys think about the leadership here in Ferguson? What I think is these kids need is a leader. Do you think there's a leader here?”

We thought for a moment and nearly in unison told her we thought Captain Ron Johnson, head of the Missouri Highway Patrol, Antonio French, and Congressmen William Lacy Clay, Jr. exhibited the best leadership that we’ve seen in our time in Ferguson, Mo. 

Most would agree. Before Friday’s looting and rioting, Johnson and Lacy Clay, Jr. worked to calm the crowds and, at least partly, alleviate their tensions. As the two men made their way through the people chanting and marching, Complex News got an opportunity to speak with both men about how the protests have progressed so far, what the local police were and are doing wrong, and what the people of Ferguson need.