99 percent of the time, the internet is a hilarious, wonderful place. For most people, it is an oasis where you can find pretty much anything, from episodes of ridiculous TV shows like Dinosaurs to supercuts of every Comedy Central Roast.

This is one of those times, though, where the dark side of the Internet rears its ugly head.

Last night, two absolute lowlifes on Twitter named @PimpStory and @MrGoosebuster (sweet names, guys. Was @SexyMan69 already taken?) decided it would be funny to send fake pictures of Robin Williams’ body directly to his daughter Zelda. The pictures were in response to this heartfelt goodbye Williams had posted on Twitter:

After the deranged trolls had their fun and were rightly banned from Twitter, an already shattered Zelda decided to post a final message on her tumblr and step away for a while:

This type of incident of course begs the question, what are the limits of free speech on the Internet? Should there be any? Trolls are free to do this kind of thing because of the safe vail of anonymity the Internet affords them. It leads to creeps like this somehow having the power to bully others, and wielding it with no regard for how it affects others:

As unfortunate as it may be, it’s not a crime to be a horrible human being. And, until it is, the sad reality is the despicable trolls like @PimpStory and @MrGoosebuster will continue to litter Twitter, Reddit, and many other places with their pathetic attempts at getting a rise out of people.

Damn you Internet.


[via Jezebel]