Unrest in the city of Ferguson, Mo. continued into Monday night after an unarmed Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed by a police officer on Saturday

According to New York Times reporter Julie Bosman, crowds gathered for a community meeting outside of a local church called by the NAACP, but the situation quickly deteriorated as people reportedly began throwing rocks at policemen, whose efforts to quell the crowd's unrest only caused more of a disturbance. Besides blocking access to many parts of Fergusoninadvertently boxing many civilians inpolice also began using tear gas and rubber bullets. 

Many people in crowd experiencing burning eyes and throats. #Ferguson

— Julie Bosman (@juliebosman) August 12, 2014

Additionally, gunshots have been reported, along with crowd chants of "Fuck the police" and protestors pleading with policemen decked out in full riot gear not to open fire. 

oh my god this picture RT @FOX2now: Officers stand in a mist of tear gas. Protected by masks. #Ferguson pic.twitter.com/riHTqHfNHJ

— Lana Berry (@Lana) August 12, 2014

It is still a fluid situation in Ferguson, as crowds have not fully dissipated, and tensions remain high.

Police officer says area is "a war zone" and no one will be allowed through until morning. #Ferguson

— Julie Bosman (@juliebosman) August 12, 2014

UPDATE: As police began to allow the crowds to disperse last night in Ferguson, the unrest thankfully settled down. According to Bosman, a spokesman for the police said they made several arrests, though fortunately there were no injuries reported.

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