Season five of Downton Abbey kicks off in 1924 and things are changing for the Granthams and the world. The new season already had a January 2015 U.S. airdate, but ITV has announced it'll hit the U.K. on September 21. There looks to be plenty of scandal in the new trailer (who is that canoodling in bed?!) 

Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) is moving on after [SPOILER] her beloved Matthew Crawley's death, secrets abound, and, gasp, someone proclaims that surely servants are people, too. Don't worry, the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith)  nips that shit in the bud right away. 1924 is also a banner year in England's history: the first-ever Labour Prime Minister is about to take control of the government.

Watch the trailer below: 

[via Deadline]