If the going rate for a crotch shot is $10 million, I know a few ladies over at the Mons Venus who may soon be leaving behind poles an plastic heels for Rolls-Royces and Louboutins. 

Of course, Jessie Nizewitz is not an exotic dancer, she's a 28-year-old model from New York, and although she did agree to appear on VHI's nude reality show Dating Naked, she says she thought her junk would be turned into a skin and pube-colored blur before it appeared on TV for the world to see. 

Judging by this DVR still from the episode that aired July 31, the cable network did not do a good job of that at all. 

And that brings us to the facts: Nizewitz is suing VH1 parent company Viacom, plus production companies Firelight Entertainment and Lighthearted Entertainment for $10 million dollars, according to the New York Post

Here's a statement from her lawyer via Entertainment Weekly

"I have no problem going to a beach in a bikini or people seeing me on TV in a bikini,” Nizewitz said in a statement released to EW by her attorney, Matthew J. Blit. “Although I went on this show knowing that I would be nude while taping it I was told that my private parts would be blurred for TV. If you watch an episode, you will see that the blur actually makes it less revealing than a bikini would. Obviously, I did not expect the world to see my private parts, this is not what I anticipated or what any other contestants on the show anticipated."

She also told the Post that she:

"... felt lied to, manipulated and used. I was horrified. ... I immediately started getting text messages. Everyone saw it. One of the messages read, 'So your money shot is on cable TV."

Even her grandma was throwing shade at her after seeing the episode:

"I saw her this week and she didn't have much to say to me. She's probably mad. My parents are just annoyed."

The so-called "money shot" happened during a scene where Nizewitz was wrestling with her date on the beach. 

[Via Defamer]