Yesterday afternoon the popular pornographic website YouPorn made a seductive offer on their Twitter account: 

No serious offers have materialized from the tweet, but it has already registered thousands of RTs and favorites. Apparently, the website has stumbled upon a niche market. Of course, the combination shouldn't be terribly surprising. When a human being spends the majority of their waking life on a computer, it's probable that a small section of their time would be allotted for some, ahem, extracurricular activities. 

The business partnership could be a boon for both parties. YouPorn would receive the gaming community, while an eSports team would receive YouPorn's significant financial backing and social following. Valuations are scattered and unofficial for the website, but it is known that YouPorn is currently one of the five most popular pornographic websites in the United States. Manwin, the owners of Brazzers, purchased YouPorn back in 2011 in a sale that was speculated to be in the tens of millions. 

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[via Hardcore Gamer]