New apps are a dime a dozen. For example, the idea behind the 'Yo' app is that it lets users say “yo” to other people. That's it. Granted, it may not be the most intellectually stimulating app, but it may have more use than meets the eye. The Times of Israel reports that a pair of developers is now using Yo as a method of alerting people of terrorist attacks throughout the country.

The notifications come to those that have subscribed to updates from Red Alert: Israel. In a country that's under the constant threat of terrorism, this may be the tool that stands between life and death. Typically, Red Alert works as an independent app, however, in combination with Yo it can alert users of rocket, mortar and missile attacks.

The benefits of combining Red Alert and Yo are vast as it allows them to share a mutual database of users. Since Red Alert only works for Android devices within Israel, expanding their network not only helps the company, but the citizens of Israel as well.

[via Times of Israel]