2014, the year in which some of your favorite actors have done some ridiculous and, yes, embarrassing shit. Neil Patrick Harris, the lovable showman and the only reason most people stuck with How I Met Your Mother for so long, unleashed some gross diarrhea into a couple of old-timer guys’ hats. Colin Farrell, who, prior to this year, was on a roll with underseen but solid flicks like Seven Psychopaths, rode a horse into the sky and became a star. Olivia Wilde, one of the world’s most beautiful women and an underrated actress, ran around a Parisian hotel’s hallways buck-naked after being sexually rejected by Liam Neeson. And Aaron Paul… Well, Jesse Pinkman he wasn’t while trying to look hardcore in a poor man’s Fast & Furious ripoff.

And that’s barely scratching the surface. We’re merely at the halfway point in 2014 and there’s already been an influx of terrible cinema. Earlier this week, we singled out the year’s 30 best movies so far to remind everyone that, in the grand scheme of things, film buffs had it quite good from January through June, but now it’s time to bring the pain. These are The Worst Movies of 2014 (So Far), home to all those shameful moments described above and so many more fails.

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