Hopefully, you get one wedding day; a day free of issues or conflict. A South Carolina woman is suing a hotel, claiming that her wedding day was ruined because a man to showed everyone his balls. 

Anna Rodgers Murphy of Charleston, S.C. and her parents have filed a lawsuit against the Doubletree hotel where here the Mar. 2013 wedding ceremony was held seeking"actual and punitive damages" due to emotional distress caused by the balls of one Samuel James Dengal. Dengal, for the record, is not a target of the lawsuit. 

For those interested in the gory specifics, the suit alleges that Dengal "pressed his genitals against his hotel window" during the ceremony, allowing the wedding party and each guest to get a view they can't erase from their minds. He also reportedly waved, because he's curteous. Citing negligence, the hotel is being blamed, because they allegedly promised a wedding that would not be disturbed by other guests, or their balls. 

The outcome of this, whatever it may be, figures to be interesting.

[via Gawker]

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