Bill Gates may soon be in charge of your birth control. Well, sort of.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is backing a new revolution: wireless birth control. Bill and Melinda Gates have often been on the cusp of new ideas in the realm of birth control. As we have learned recently, they are funding a new condom that is skin-like to ensure people use condoms to prevent the spread of sexual transmitted diseases.

Now, as they are working to fund this new form of birth control, we could see technology and sexuality merge in a way we never thought possible. Implantable birth control has been used for plenty of years; methods such as contraceptive rings, however, are only good for around three years. 

This new device, current being developed by MicroCHIPS, would be able to stay in place for up to 16 years and should you want to get pregnant, all you have to do is flip a switch to turn the device off. How does it work?

Just like IUDs (Intrauterine Devices), the chip provides 30 micrograms of a pregnancy blocking hormone called levonorgestrel everyday. When it’s time for the hormone to be produced, an internal battery sends an electric current through the device, temporarily melting the reservoir’s hermetic, titanium and platinum seal and giving out just the right dose everyday.

Thanks to Bill Gates, we could be making babies with the touch of a button pretty soon. The team behind the development of this product says it still has some issues to work out with the device. For one, they need to effectively encrypt it to ensure hacking the device isn’t possible. Even with possible setbacks, scientists are hopeful that we may see the device active by 2018.


[via Huffington Post

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