What the shit does this mean? Some very ballsy person or persons decided to replace the American flags that fly on top of the Brooklyn Bridge with white versions, and no one knows why. Police are investigating the situation and they are taking it very seriously—as they should. White flags, as we all know, represent surrender on the battlefield. For this reason, not only has Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams released a statement condemning the act, but the NYPD counter-terrorism divisions is also investigating the mystery flags.

"If flying a white flag atop the Brooklyn Bridge is someone’s idea of a joke, I’m not laughing,” reads the statement from Adams. "The public safety of our city is of paramount importance, particularly our landmarks and bridges that are already known to be high-risk targets,” he said. “We will not surrender our public safety to anyone, at any time. Political and social expression, whatever its message may be, has a place in our society, but not at the expense of others’ security."

The white flags have been removed by police, but the question remains, what the shit could this mean? It's so, it's so, provocative. Here are 10 theories as to why there are white flags on top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Feel free to contribute your theory in the comments section. 

  • Brooklyn has finally agreed to surrender to Manhattan's superiority.
  • Political activists are calling for a cease fire in Gaza.
  • Terrorists are threatening to blow it up.
  • Some Pratt Institute student lost her damn mind.
  • The Nets are calling this season in early.
  • Sad Boyz are back in town.
  • Brooklyn has finally surrendered to its real estate agents. 
  • Someone's watching too much of The Leftovers.
  • That New York City needs to seriously step up its security measures.
  • It's Christo’s latest and somewhat uninspired work.

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