Drumming isn't just all fun and games — not when J.K. Simmons is your band leader. 

The first trailer for Whiplash starring Miles Teller dropped today, reaffirming why it was one of the most talked about movies at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Whiplash follows a promising 19-year-old drummer who joins an intense jazz conservatory in New York City led by none other than Simmons, who looks a lot meaner here than he does in those Farmers Insurance commercials. (Though maybe he's just a misunderstood motivator?)

The trailer provides just a little taste of the boiling intensity between Teller and Simmons — for example, Simmons amazingly criticizes Teller for being one of those "single tear people" — but it's enough to make you want to see the whole movie. And for anyone who still needs to be told that Miles Teller is the next big thing, well, here ya go.

[via Yahoo