Season five of The Walking Dead is picking up where it left off, with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang trapped inside a Terminus train car. But unlike some past (unsuccessful) seasons, it doesn't appear that we'll be stuck in one place for long.

TWD dropped the first trailer for the upcoming season at their Comic Con panel on Friday, and it sets the bar high in terms of action, zombie volume, and momentum. From what we can see, the crux of season five won't be escaping Terminus, but actually migrating to Washington D.C., where a zombie cure may be — at least so says The Man in the Mullet.

This appears to be the first time since season one that Rick and co. have been moving somewhere with a real purpose — instead of wandering hopelessly so that they can further discuss the philosophical implications of the apocalypse. And that, is a change worth looking forward to.

Check out the trailer above. The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Oct. 12.