Video game trailers (right alongside movie trailers) exist in a cloaked, dupe life. 

Trailers exist to hype a piece of media to such unattainable heights that us mere mortals are powerless against its Siren song. Once you've made your purchase, however, any disillusion you may experience after consumption is on you. They've got your money and couldn't give less of a squirt whether or not you're actually enjoying yourself.

That's where Trailer Hitch can help. Let us suss out the tripe so you're not sitting on a $60 video game you openly resent (the game doesn't respect you either, if we're being completely honest). Why is Sigourney Weaver being sold separately from Alien: Isolation? Why does Madden NFL 15 have a boss mode? Will George R.R. Martin finish Game of Thrones?

All these questions answered and more on this week's Trailer Hitch. Watch all of the episodes of Trailer Hitch right here.