Usually most gamers want to extend their playing experience as long as possible. Check nearly any gaming message board and a common inquiry always revolves around how lengthy the title is. If it's short, it hits the Gamefly queue. If it's got replay value, then it's worthy of a purchase. Because of that basic concept, speedruns seem like a bizarre offshoot of gaming subculture. But after watching these uploaded videos (for like, two seconds) you realize that these people have spent more time with their games of choice than any five of us combined. All of these runs border on the work of savants. Give us 50 years and we couldn't match these combinations of planning and skill

We should be clear on what our criteria is. We did our best to exclude TAS's (Tool Assisted Speedruns) because, let's face it, they're not as impressive. We also did our best to avoid glitch exploitations. There's no real purpose to watching a video of a guy fall through a wall to beat a game. This is the Mount Rushmore of the gaming world, and we wanted to celebrate virtual artistry. If you can top these you belong with the rest of these greats at the summit of the field. Here are the Top 10 Video Game Speedruns on YouTube Right Now.

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