The app we’ve all be waiting for it finally here! Have you ever been on a date that was so awful you thought about fake choking on your food just to make a run for it? Or sat in a never-ending board meeting that you felt could, quite literally, force you into a coma? If so, you now have an out. TIYO, or “This Is Your Out” is the button we all need to get ourselves out of awkward situations.

Think of Tiyo as an eject button. If you’re in a bind and want an out, it will give it to you. If you’re in any social situation and see that it’s going south, fast, just hit the Tiyo button attached to your keys and BAM…instant excuse. The button, which works via Bluetooth, will call your phone under any preset caller ID name and can be programmed to say anything you want.

Once you answer your “emergency call” Tiyo has a preset script ready and waiting for you. You respond to the call in the way you would any other phone call, give a good excuse, and your out. You can purchase twenty-five Tiyo calls for the low pledge price of $35. Should you run out of those, additional calls can be bought for $5 for 25 calls.

The genius behind Tiyo is Ivan Lukianchuk. He says, “Personally as an entrepreneur who does a lot of pitching and networking, I’ve found myself in many situations where I get stuck talking to someone who won’t shut up and doesn’t get the hint that I’m trying to leave. I don’t want to be rude or hurt their feelings so it can be hard to detach at times, but when you're out on a mission to meet new clients or investors, time is money.”

We've have all been there, Ivan. Whether you want to use the technology to get yourself out of business or personal situations, we can all agree that this is one of the greatest inventions ever.


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