Date: 7/12/2014
Location: Wickliffe, Ohio
Crime: Obstructing official business
Ratchet Meter: 8

Disregard the expression "a picture's worth a thousand words," because this one will leave you speechless.

According to the New York Daily News, Angela Green, 34, checked into a Wickliffe, Ohio Quality Inn with 24-year-old Brian Baker on Saturday Jul.12, then refused to leave. A manager called police, and when an officer told Green and Baker they either had to leave the room or rent it for another day, Green reportedly "became loud and uncooperative."

The Wickliffe Police Department's Facebook page revealed that the Cleveland resident's unruly behavior continued once authorities finally got her to exit the room:

Once outside, the female continued to become loud and uncooperative and refused to identify herself. After a brief struggle the female was arrested and transported to the WPD.

She was arrested and charged with obstructing official business. She'll never live that picture down. Ever.