Date: 7/14/2014
Location: Chicago, Ill.
Crime: Hate crime and aggravated battery
Ratchet Meter: 10

Authorities say a Chicago man was arrested for allegedly slapping and spitting on a judge, all while referring to the woman as "Rosa Parks."

The Chicago Tribune reports that 55-year-old David C. Nicosia's outburst was triggered by Judge Arnette Hubbard smoking near him outside of the Daley Center on Monday, Jul. 14. According to the Tribune, Nicosia yelled "Rosa Parks, move," and spit at the 79-year-old Hubbard-the first female president of the Cook County Bar Association and National Bar Association-who pursued him while summoning assistance. That's when he spit at her again, then slapped her.

Cook County Sheriff's Deputies took Nicosia into custody, charging him with a hate crime and aggravated battery.