But like, what is in the house?

Such is the enduring mystery of the trailer for The One I Love, starring Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) and Mark Duplass (The League, Safety Not Guaranteed). While usually the quest for love is what’s most centrally important in these types of films, it looks like here all we really want to know is what is this thing that puts Duplass and Moss in such a tizzy.

It seems like this is all Ted Danson’s fault. He plays Duplass and Moss's therapist, and recommends that the struggling married couple get away for the weekend to renew their love for one another. What happens, instead, is some sort of plot twist that director Charlie McDowell refuses to reveal.

And if he’s trying to get us hooked and needing to find out just what the hell is going on, well, it’s totally working.

[via EW]