Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Address: 261 Moore St.

It might as well be the town hall of Bushwick, since it's also the North Brooklyn neighborhood's biggest draw. Rightly so: Carlo Mirarchi's pizza joint is so much more that just a pizza joint. That isn't to say that the Neapolitan pies coming out of those massive ovens aren't worth showing up for, because they are, and maybe have a higher hype-to-reality quotient than any other piece of pizza in New York. Take the Bee Sting, for example: soppressata, honey, mozzarella, and chili oil—the kind of sweet fire you're never gonna find on any other slice in America. But there are levels to Roberta's, figuratively, and literally: The plated dishes are regularly providing new revelations in flavor.

And then there's the Tiki Bar, out back, serving up frozen blended drinks and raging dance parties year round. Or the in-house radio station. Or the garden, or the apiary, or any of the other magical places—on what could only be described less as a restaurant space, and more as a campus—where they grow the stuff that goes in their food. And if you're lucky enough, you might one day get to see the inside of Blanca, the restaurant-within-a-restaurant of Roberta's, and possibly the hottest reservation in town these days, a meal people usually liken to a religious experience. Basic humans will shy away from the commute to Bushwick, or the two hour wait they'll give you at the door. Give not into the temptation to be basic: Head out back to the bar, get a drink, and settle in. One of the best meals/nights you can have in New York is just getting started. — Foster Kamer