Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Address: 62 Pike St.

New York City has always been a haven for skateboarding and BMX ever since the earliest days, the streets serving as a playground for riders both casual and serious. But as far as skateparks went it always lagged behind, whether because of legal issues, property values or just the fact that the city itself was its own park. There were ramps, most notably at Mullally Park in the Bronx, Chelsea Piers, and later Millennium Park in Brooklyn, but nothing downtown save for the quasi-official Brooklyn Banks under the bridge. That’s all changed. Coleman Skatepark under the Manhattan Bridge started as just a collection of prefab ramps and obstacles, but has since grown to be a legit park, complete with steel-coping transition and any number of ledges and manual pads. It’s home to several annual contests and jams both official and unofficial—including Harold Hunter Day—as well as daily sessions for kids of all ages. Or feel free to just go watch. — Russ Bengtson