More often than not, people overthink the idea of taking things “to the next level.” They end up trying too hard and coming off as just another hungry goon who’s lost his way. At this point, some of you are probably reminded of the last time you forgot to play it cool. I’m sorry, but it’s important to un-bottle those memories or else you’ll keep making that mistake time and time again. Now, let me take a moment here to say that I’ve been there. A lot. I’ve ruined many a potential great nights, friendships, and relationships by going H.A.M. on many a different levels. But every time being lame knocked me down, I got up and never did it again. Well, not every time but hey, lay off, there’s always something new to learn. With that said, it’s time for you to get a lesson in taking the rest of summer up to a level you couldn’t even imagine it could be elevated to. And if these tips don’t get you there, well, you’re probably still going to have a blast in the process.