The mad dash to get things accomplished occasionally results in mistakes being made. For example, Seattle's city attorney accidentally brought bags of weed that he just bought (legally, of course) back to his office. 

According to Reuters, City Attorney Pete Holmes made sure to be one of the first people in line to purchase legal recreational marijuana when businesses opened in Washington last weekend. Due to the demands of his schedule, Holmes found himself rushing back to the office, weed in tow. 

Unfortunately, that's still a violation, as the U.S. government still considers marijuana illegal.

"When I brought the unopened marijuana to City officestrying to keep up with a busy scheduleI nonetheless violated the City's rules," he explained in a statement posted on the city's website. "At the end of the business day, I took the marijuana home and left it there, still unopened, before I participated in the second Community Walk of the Mayor's Summer of Safety." 

As a gesture of good faith, Holmes offered to donate $3,000 to a homeless shelter in downtown Seattle. He also plans to enjoy his purchases at some point. "I bought two two-gram bags of OG Pearl, which was recommended," he told Reuters. "I'm keeping one bag for posterity and one for personal enjoyment at some point when it's appropriate."

[via Reuters]

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