San Diego Comic-Con continues with more massive news today as Sony Screen Gems has announced that Hollywood horror/suspense legend Sam Raimi has been tapped to produce a feature adaptation of 2013's near perfect, The Last of Us.

The Last of Us is getting an HD Remaster for the PS4 this Tuesday and will come bundled with the Left Behind DLC, the stand alone story of Ellie before she encounters Joel. There have been no end to the accolades that The Last of Us have received and the title routinely wound up on nearly everyone's game of the year list in 2013. As Joel and Ellie make their way across the brutal remains of a world ravaged by a virulent fungal virus, they must rely on each other to survive the endless populace of infected in one of the most well-written games of the seventh console generation.

Neil Druckman, the co-director and writer of the game has also been mentioned as an additional producer of the film. Casting rumors have already started swirling and Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams has already been floated to play Ellie. Stay tuned for updates as this story develops.