If the United States wins their match today against Belgium, we're going into this Independence Day weekend in a rollicking orgy of country-fried steak and Roman Candles.

Seriously, how dope would it be to celebrate the birth of the nation directly on the heels of advancing in the world's largest sporting event? Rockstar Games seems to share the same sentiment as us. They're dropping the GTA Online Independence Day Special starting today and it's packed with red, white, and blue post-irony irony.

Two new vehicles, the Sovereign motorcycle and the super-sized Liberator monster truck will be available to players. Two new weapons, the high-powered Musket and the new Firework Rocket Launcher will also be included so you can reneact all of your favorite parts of the American Revolution/Tea Party rally.

Head over to the Rockstar Support page to take a look at all of the patch notes that can be found here and go USA.

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