Reading Rainbow is making a comeback. After being cancelled in 2006, the educational program re-launched as an app in 2012, which remains one of the top-selling educational apps on the market. Witnessing the warm response, LeVar Burton and his team decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in May that would seek out funding for various improvements to the app as well as money that would allow them to subsidize it for schools. 

After receiving $1M on the first day of the campaign, the team raised their goal to $5M. When they closed the campaign on July 2, they had raised $5.4M. Additionally, according to their Kickstarter page, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has made a $1M pledge that will bring their total to just over $6.4M in funding. The campaign ranks as one of the most financially successful and widely-supported campaigns in Kickstarter history. 

As a result, Reading Rainbow will now see release on a variety of platforms, including Android, Roku, Ouya, and Xbox. Within these apps, consumers will find e-books, reading games, and fun, interactive adventures designed to help their child enjoy the gift of reading. 

For nostalgia's sake, let's all remember the joy that LeVar Burton brought to us all during our own childhoods. We're glad that the generations to come will be able to have the same experience. 

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