For Pokémon fans in Japan, probably one of the most fun things you can do is to visit one of the many Pokémon Centers scattered around cities like Tokyo. Since Nintendo hasn't figured out how to actually bring real Pokémon into the world (yet - not that you'd necessarily want to see that), Pokémon Centers are places where you can get stuff related to all things Pocket Monsters.

Outside of New York and the Seattle area, fans stuck in the US haven't really gotten a chance to shop at a Pokémon Center, but all that's about to change: finally in 2014 the Pokémon Center is going online with a web-based store that will be ready for business in August. While it may seem baffling that this hasn't already happened, if you can't wait until August there are a few things that you can already pick up at the store (with Pikachu, Mewtwo and, oddly, Eevee), with a severe lack of Psyduck and Snorlax-related things currently available.

That said, like its Japanese counterparts, once the actual online store opens you should be able to buy everything from figurines to dish towels. Not that The Pokémon Company needed another way to print money, but hey, there ya go.

[Via Joystiq