The next best thing is here, and it’s very profitable. The main difference between Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android devices is that Apple users downloaded more apps across the board. iPhone and iPad users pay more for apps in the app store than Android users do in Google Play. More people may use the cheaper Android devices, but until now, a majority of the revenue from mobile devices came from Apple.

That may change fairly soon. The Google Play Store mobile app revenue will catch up to Apple’s App Store in 2018 according to Radio Free Mobile analyst Richard Windsor. Despite the fact that users pay far less for Android devices, Android’s 80 percent market share is driving up app revenue growth. 

If you’re a true techie you know that Android as been catching up Apple for quite some time. Although most companies that release downloadable apps for phones generally release them for iOS first, they are quick to release an app with the same features to Google Play. Henry Cipolla, Chief Technology Officer of app analytics and marketing company Localytics explained to Quartz why apps are developed for iOS first:

App development on Android is technically more challenging due to its fragmentation from multiple versions running on consumers’ devices, but since Google improved backward compatibility that simplifies writing one app for many Android versions it is less of an obstacle especially for a company that believes their app will make money.

Not only will Android probably overtake Apple by 2018, if the information is correct Google may take over the lower income market that can’t afford Apple products. The average Android smartphone sells at about $335, almost half that of the iPhone. Google Play has turned into a global app ecommerce platform that may soon lead the mobile market.

Stay tuned.


[via Quartz