Before the already-lauded Guardians of the Galaxy premieres tomorrow, here's one last sneak peek.

In this exclusive clip, Guardians star Chris Pratt, a.k.a. Peter Quill, shows us around his ship, the Milano (yes, the Milano is named after '80s hottie Alyssa Milano). Quill's ride features some awesome relics from that past decade—Treasure Trolls, tapedecks, you get the picture. If this seems strange to you, it won't after the first minute of the movie (spoiler alert?)

Pratt also shows off the flight deck and his bunk, where all the magic happens, obviously. This short, good-mannered tour of the Milano is just a taste of the almost-too-fun-for-its-own-good Guardians of the Galaxy, so watch the clip above, and then see the movie when it officially drops tomorrow, Aug. 1.