In May, Peaches Geldof’s cause of death was determined as a result of a heroin overdose.

Geldof, who passed in April, at the tender age of 25, was said to have had “puncture wounds” on different body parts such as her elbows, thumbs, and wrists, according to pathologist Peter Jerreat.

It was also determined that Geldof had traces of methadone, codeine, and morphine, in her blood stream at the time of her death. 

Geldof’s body was found by her husband, Thomas Cohen, in the spare bedroom used by both. She was reportedly found amidst 34 syringes, alcohol wipes, cotton balls, knotted tights, and burnt spoons. 

Cohen said his wife was being treated for addiction for the past two years, even sobering up until last November before evidently relapsing. 

Geldof is survived by her husband and two children.

[via Us Weekly]