Let's be completely honest with one another, Pacific Rim could have been a much better film.

And this is coming from someone who wanted a Guillermo del Toro helmed mech-pilot/giant monster action flick more than anything on the planet. Through a steady diet of video games, Japanese television, and comic books I've been preparing my whole life to pilot a mech and del Toro's Pacific Rim was going to be the closest thing to reality I'd get. Then the movie came out. Don't get me wrong, the special effects were on point. I've never been happier seeing an ocean tanker used as a makeshift katana by a 40-story giant robot to cleave a Kaiju in half, but it was all the rest of it (you know, the part with the mouths and the talking and the acting) that rankled.

That part was indefensible. But! There's hope that you can finally live out your mech-piloting fantasies minus the labored overacting of the Pacific Rim cast. The Oculus Rift virtual reality platform and Legend Films are offering San Diego Comic Con attendees the chance to pilot the Gipsy Danger Jaeger. There's also the small chance you'll get motion sickness and blow chunks all over the front of your Green Lantern t-shirt thanks to the Rift's tendency to induce vertigo. By using the Rift, you'll be able to robot-punch the Kaiju, Knifehead in glorious first-person perspective all while attempting to maintain your equilibrium.

Did you think piloting a Jaeger would be easy? Vomit is no barrier for the dedicated, get me strapped into this thing ASAP. The entire VR system is in place to promote del Toro's planned Pacific Rim sequel. Since we're not in San Diego, you can find us playing Titanfall at home instead.