Optimus Prime has reached the same icon status as Ronald McDonald at this point. Prime's a marketing godsend whose face and likeness can slapped on anything from a Happy Meal, to bed sheets to, an Angry Birds crossover, and it's guaranteed to move units. As the heroic leader of the Autobots, it seems that Prime's primary occupation is that of corporate masthead. 

Sony Computer Entertainment and Takara Tomy have announced a special edition Optimus Prime who transforms into an Original PlayStation Console; corporate synergy just silently climaxed. The announcement is part of a double anniversary celebration for both Hasbro and Sony as 2014 marks the 30 year anniversary of Transformers and the 20 year anniversary of the PS1.


This is the second Transformer modeled on a video game console from Takara. Earlier this year the toymaker announced plans to create a Mega Drive Megatron which, as you can imagine, turns Megatron into a Sega Genesis. While both of these seems like incredibly boring alt-modes for two of the most recognizable robots to transform into, that's not going to stop Takara Tomy from dropping both of these with triple digit price tags.