Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Do you remember your first phone? It might have been a Nokia, if you were lucky. Sure, it didn’t do much besides Snake and phone calls, but you could probably throw it off the Empire State Building and it wouldn't break.

For many of us, Nokia or Ericsson phones remind us of our youth. But, have you ever thought about what those phones would look like if they were ever released as the smartphones of today? 

A product of 1999, the T28 flip phone was once the best selling product in the U.S. We know, it’s hard to believe. After that, Nokia introduced the 3310 replacing it’s earlier model the 3210—Snake 2 included. The phone later went on to sell 126 million units worldwide.

The German site Curved Labs revamped these classic phones and got them up to date with modern technology. They reimagined the Nokia 3310 with Windows Phone and a 41-megapixel Pure View Camera and the Ericsson T28 with Android capabilities on its nostalgic green screen.

Yes, it may be ridiculous. But there were good times before smartphones took over our lives. 

[via Curved Labs]