Nike didn't start getting into football with the World Cup, and it won't stop now that the tourney is officially over. 

Now that American footy fans are more active and visible than ever, there's no time like the present for the sneaker giant to unveil their new Nike Football app. According to Davide Grasso, Nike's Chief Marketing Officer:

"This is Nike Football in your pocket. The app will allow members of the Nike Football community to be the first to access the latest product, stories and event experiences. It’ll be the only way to earn a spot in the Nike Academy and earn your way to the highest level of the game, something we’ve seen from players such as Tom Rogic (Australia), Abdul Waris and David Accam (both Ghana)."

Along with early access to all of the company's soccer offerings and the chance to work oneself into the Nike Academy, the app also gives users the ability to build and grow their own micro-communities (known as "Crews"), the chance to use geo-tracking to find nearby matches, and even custom football emojis to use in the app's chat feature.

Can you kick it? Yes you can. Download the Nike Soccer app for iOS and Android.



[via Nikeinc]