Apple’s voice assistant Siri was the first voice recognition software implemented into a smartphone and, at the time it was introduced, made everyone go nuts. It was the quintessentially Apple.  However, since then, Siri's capabilities have fallen behind those of Apple’s competitors. 

In an effort to catch up with other tech giants, the company is reportedly looking into making Siri far smarter than she is now. Apple has allegedly hired a team of experts and researchers to bring Siri up to par with next generation software. It is reported that Siri will work with neural network algorithms, making it easier for "her" to learn and understand spoken language at a human speed.

Android’s Google Now as well as offerings by Microsoft may be way ahead of the game. They have already tested neural nets so much so that Microsoft is planning to run its real-time translation feature for Skype, which will launch next year.

But don’t count Apple out just yet, as the company is the grandfather of innovation and working hard to grow its voice recognition efforts. The new and improved Siri means that the virtual assistant will be able to recognize what your apps do and point you to them when you ask for something related to them.

In the past, Apple has made deals with companies such as OpenTable, Fandango, and many more in order to have Siri be able to work on their network. Now, however, the new version may mean similar functionality for all apps whether they penned a deal with Apple or not.


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