The Madden series has always been defined by high-scoring offenses. Michael Vick, Calvin Johnson, and Marshall Faulk all submitted legendary performances for us at one time or another throughout the franchise's history. Sports simulations are more favorable toward scoring points and taking advantage of game-breaking athleticism. The Seattle Seahawks proved that defense wins championships after Super Bowl XLVIII, but in the virtual world, stalwart defensive units like the Legion of Boom are hard to come by. 

However, EA Sports is making a concerted effort to change that reality with their upcoming Madden 15. In the video above, Madden creative director Rex Dickson explains the game's new "War in the Trenches 2.0" mechanic, which allows for greater nuance and skill when controlling your team's defensive line. The NFL is a passing league, placing a greater emphasis than ever on fast, intelligent defensive linemen. As you can see, EA is doing their best to give you the greatest chance at taking down Peyton Manning, Robert Griffin, Russell Wilson, and every other QB in the league who can shred apart a lazy defense. 

Madden 15 will be released on August 26 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. 

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