National Tea Party representatives are quick to claim that the Tea Party is a party of inclusion, that they are interested in uniting rather than dividing, and that includes along racial lines. The Tea Party website describes a party that is comprised of, "Young and old, wealthy and poor, patriots of all colors and backgrounds." Despite their high-minded rhetoric, in tense circumstances and candid interviews, time and again, the members of the movement reveal themselves to fall well short of their inclusive message. It seems that Tea Party politicians can't help but make racist statements.

The most recent rash of racially tinged Tea Party comments came courtesy of supporters of defeated Mississippi senate challenger Chris McDaniel, who lost to incumbent Thad Cochran in a run-off election last month. Cochran retained his seat partially by appealing to African-American voters in the state. It isn’t hard to see why African-Americans in Mississippi decided to help defeat a man who once wrote, “Note to the Left: Unless you live in Detroit, the basic necessities of life do not include big screen plasma TV's, Randy Moss jerseys, Air Jordan sneakers or any type of 'bling-bling.'"  

These kind of comments are nothing new for Tea Party candidates. Many Tea Party politicians walk a fine line. On one hand, they appeal to their base by stoking the fires of bigotry. On the other hand, they attempt to gain national legitimacy by disowning racist rhetoric that they themselves have helped to spread. Let’s look at some of the most disgraceful, bigoted comments made by the right wing of the right wing. Here are the Most Racist Things Tea Party Politicians Have Said (so far.)

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