A man was killed in Michigan yesterday after his vehicle careened into a home infested with a swarm of bees. 

According to MILive.com, the 54-year-old St. Charles, Mich. resident crashed into the vacant home around 3:30 p.m. Witnesses attempted to help the  man, but were unable to due to a rush of angry bees who had taken up residence in the home. "There were just large swarms of bees within the home," Saginaw County Sheriff Lt. Randy Pfau told MILive.com. "It was so infested, they couldn't get to him."

Emergency responders were summoned, and they eventually discovered that the man—whose name has yet to be released—died at the scene. Though Pfau said it was initially believed that a medical emergency triggered the accident, official word is pending the outcome of an autopsy.

[via MILive.com]

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