Michael Strahan, welcome to the team. 

The NFL sack machine turned morning show host was Jimmy Fallon's guest on The Tonight Show last night, and when the Justin Bieber's name popped up, he didn't waste any time pouncing. While reminiscing over how Fallon incorrectly guessed that the Biebs held the NFL record for most all-time sacks on a past episode, Strahan took the opportunity to serve up some shade.

"He's been arrested more than anybody in the NFL this year, I know that!" he giddily cracked. That sort of decisiveness is why Strahan's going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

And because Fallon hates actually conversing with his guests, he and Strahan later played Catchphrase with The Bridge's Diane Kruger and announcer Steve Higgins. Though the German-born Kruger was mighty cocky coming off her nation's win at the World Cup, Strahan and Fallon couldn't be beat. Mostly because they're both veteran farters. 

That's what America does, Kruger -- we slam Justin Bieber and we crush faces in Catchphrase.

[via NBC]