So wait, was Lucy about someone who works in a Chinese restaurant? We thought it was about Scarlett Johansson using her brain power to turn into a next-generation badass. If you actually read the Chinese characters from one of the movie’s scenes—as one Twitter user did—it would seem like that isn’t the case:

I've translated Lucy for you. did this Hollywood production really not have any money to pay Chinese ppl to proofread

— rena (@rena_linn) July 30, 2014

Lucy had an estimated budget of $40 million. It made more than that last weekend. Money was clearly not going to be an object. Maybe they could have done a bit better than copying characters off of a Chinese takeout menu in the set designer’s office?

Then again, maybe director Luc Besson was simply trying to throw in bonus recipe for people who see the movie; an apple-scallop-ginger-grape-orange-tomato soup? Or salad perhaps? No matter what the dish, it’s obviously critical to keep hygienic.


[via Twitter]