People who love funny movie have had a pretty excellent summer so far. In May, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron waged a ‘reluctant parent of a newborn vs. frat bro’ suburban war in the hilarious Neighbors, and last month saw Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill handily beat the sophomore jinx with the triumphant 22 Jump Street

And now they just might get shown up by what could end up being the summer’s funniest movie, not to mention its biggest surprise. Let’s Be Cops has a simple yet promising set-up: a couple of knuckle-headed best friends, Ryan and Justin (played by New Girl castmates Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr.), dress up as cops for a costume party, get mistaken for real police officers, and then, because they’re knuckleheads, keep the law enforcement charade going for way too long. And based on the very funny trailer, their ongoing folly should be a laugh parade.

To promote Let’s Be Cops, Johnson and Wayans are sharing some of their characters’ not-so-expert wisdom—or, simply put, “Fake Cops. Real Advice.” In this Complex exclusive, which you’ll see above, they have some tips for folks who like to recite rap lyrics, specifically in regards to white folks and a certain N-word.

Heed their warning, Caucasian hip-hoppers, and learn more from Johnson and Wayans when Let’s Be Cops opens nationwide on August 13.