Featured on this month’s cover of Elle, Kristen Wiig already can say that she’s become a legitimate A-List movie star after her wildly successful run at Saturday Night Live. She’s been in a ton of movies, really too many to mention here, and her next big performance will be in the Will Ferrell-produced Welcome to Me.

In her interview with Elle, Wiig discussed her role as the lead and what it meant for her in terms of showing some skin, saying that, “I’d never read a character like that. I got to a scene where it read, ‘She’s fully naked,’ and I remember thinking: If I do this movie, I have to do this scene because it’s really important to this script.”

Wiig will be playing a person with borderline personality disorder who, upon winning the lottery, quits her medication and pays for her own cable access talk show. It doesn’t sound like things go well from a censorship perspective.

Given that Wiig has already willingly soiled herself onscreen in Bridesmaids, though, it doesn’t seem like nudity will be all that big of a leap for her.

[via UPROXX]