Jon Stewart has an idea to use Kickstarter, the place where you can fund an MP3 player for cats and dogs, to buy a piece of that dog and pony show known as cable news. 

The most trusted name in fake news reported on The Daily Show last night about a conflict of interests that would have occurred if Rupert Murdoch had successfully purchased Time Warner. Murdoch's $80 million bid was ultimately rejected, but if it hadn't been, Murdoch would have been forced to sell off CNN (because he already owns Fox News). 

And if that had happened, Stewart was right there with a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10 billion to buy what Stewart himself has called "the human centipede of news."

For your help purchasing CNN, the Kickstarter campaign (which we really wish was real) offered backers a hilarious list of benefits including "take molly with Fareed Zakaria" ($25,000) and around the clock coverage of your missing car keys ($5 million). 

You can check out the would-be Kickstarter and the rest of the benefits here. 

[Via Uproxx]