The DVD for Chris Lilley's Ja'mie: Private School Girl is a week away from coming out, and now we can give you a little taste of what the bonus feature-packed release has to offer.

In this deleted scene from the outrageouse HBO show (which was a spin-off of the equally incredible Summer Heights High), Ja'mie's in house party mode when her vibe gets killed by her dad bringing in some security guards. You know, like people who disapprove of teenage binge drinking and late-night partying.

So Ja'mie flips a switch and turns on the spoiled daughter charm, cuddling up to her bewildered father before eventually leading the guards into the house (and I'm assuming, locking them in a broom closet). 

No one does characters like Chris Lilley, and Ja'mie might be the most iconic one he's ever created—just ask anyone who's ever met a private school girl. So if the six-episode season of Ja'mie: Private School Girl wasn't enough for you, then pick up the DVD here on Aug. 5 and really dive into Lilley's bizarrely funny world.