Hemlock Grove star and ageless beauty Famke Janssen talked with us about the growth of and intensified focus on her character, Olivia Godfrey, in the show's sophomore season.

On the development of Olivia Godfrey in season two:

"Mellowing out isn't a term I would use for Olivia ever...She is back in a more compromised position, stripped of the control she had. An interesting thing happens when you take the control away from a control freak. I don't think that you mellow out, but I do think that you see different emotions that have never surfaced before. She is more vulnerable. It's not an ice queen personification of a character. There are different layers and we've peeled them back through the different episodes of the season."

On her charcter's relationship with her son Roman:

"It always felt to me a bit Shakespearean. Is the mother going to kill the son? Is the son going to kill the mother? I think contentious is the right word. But underneath that is 'Please love me.' And both of them are too proud to go there, to say it out loud. But the tremendous struggle for power is very much a part of that. Constantly underneath that. [Laughs.] I love that they cast a Swede and a Dutch to play it."

On violence against women in the horror genre:

"I think Olivia defies that. I find [violence against women] upsetting. I don't play victimized parts that much. I think our show strikes a good balance, off-setting the violence against women in the genre. This season we have Madeline Brewer and Madeleine Martin and they play strong female parts. I think that adds to a strong female take on the genre. I don't think we're a traditional horror genre. I think there are a lot of differences here from the rest of the horror universe."