Before the rise of mobile gaming, video game fans were normally treated to a shitty movie tie-in video game release to coincide with a film's opening.

The library of god-awful, officially licensed tie-ins are legion. The less said about any Iron Man title released on a console the better. Now that mobile games are another inevitable extension of marketing for a movie, we've been treated to a newer more ubiquitous form of fuckery in "free-to-play" apps based on a movie property. Recently Captain America: The WInter Soldier was given the mobile treatment and the results were a "free" title that was brimming over with in-app purchases every five feet meant to 'enhance' the game.

The new Guardians of the Galaxy mobile game is $5 up front and is actually pretty awesome. The art style is slick, the animation is charming, and the roster of playable characters is robust nod to the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe. Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Universal Weapon is available for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone and plays like a fully-fleshed out RPG on your mobile device. It's a refreshing change to not have a players impatience leveraged against them via unnecessary padding and pay-walls in a game.

Pick up the game for $5 once and enjoy not being harassed every five minutes to spend real-world money in-game.

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