Songza, the lowkey but much-loved music streaming service was just bought by Google today for an undisclosed amount. 

Never heard of Songza? Maybe because it's a little different than your average music player: instead of simply playing a song and building your own playlists, you pick pre-made playlists that are built around the time of day, your mood, or another theme. So what is Google going to do with that, since they already have Play Music? First of all, it's now simply an additional weapon in their arsenal. Second, the company plans to integrate the service into YouTube and Play Music, which will help differentiate its service from Beats and Spotify, in an already crowded streaming music market.

As of now, Google says it'll take its time experimenting on how to use these features, and things won't immediately change for Songza users. Interested in seeing what the fuss is about? Download it on iOS, Android, or on the web.