Character: Atalanta

Calling it now: Ingrid is going to be the badass of 2014 (sorry, Herc). The Cold Prey and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters actress is about to inspire kids across the nation to dress up as her on Halloween. Her character, Atalanta, owes Hercules a blood debt, which is good for him since she's a walking Amazon. Atalanta is basically the Wonder Woman of Greek mythology, and to train for to play her, Berdal​ spent numerous grueling months with an archery expert. So she's gorgeous, talented, and now, can shoot your eye out. In the Kevin Sarbo version of the Hercules story, he and Atalanta helped make the Olympic Games, but somehow we feel this movie won't be as joyful. More focus on javelins through bodies and less focus on tossing things to win gold medals.